New Clients

If you've been considering a coach to support you and position your business to grow,
here's what you should know about my new client process.

Ideally, here's how it works:

· You send me an email expressing interest

· We agree upon a time to meet, fairly informally, with no commitment by either party;

· You complete a "pre-meeting" clarifying document (this helps to make our meeting together more efficient.);

· We meet and discuss your vision and desires for growth. Again, this is a no cost session. 

· If WE BOTH believe there is value in moving forward – me, as coach, you as client,

· You choose your preferred program, and 

· We set our next time to meet - these appointments are pre-scheduled and critically important to your program's success.

Contact me directly by phone: 403-340-0880 or by clicking on the 'Schedule a Complimentary Session' on the right. 


Complimentary Session

Book your 30 minute no obligation complimentary session.